The wonder of loneliness is that it only comes when you need someone,

and they’re not there,

their words are all undone,

and you question deep within- did they ever even care?

but the answers never come,

though you open every door,

it’s hard to find the sum,

when all you really want is more,

a penny glinting at the bottom,

of a fountain with a pool,

through the leaves that fell in autumn,

when the days were short and cool,

and the colors are all faded,

as your hopes are dashed and torn,

but in the heat you’re cold and jaded,

wishing you were never born,

so you try to fake a smile,

but your teeth have all withdrawn,

acid burnt from all the bile,

as you try to run your con,

all the people see you stumble,

when you walk across the lawn,

eyes so low and head so humble,

you’re enticing as a yawn,

and the truth is it’s no wonder,

that you never feel alive,

with the weight that you are under,

can you even count to five?

I don’t know if there’s a moral,

I’m not sure if there’s a hope,

but if you choose to don a laurel,

just make sure it’s not a rope.


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