Come here,

I’ll touch your hand,

your arm,

your shoulder,

come closer,

I want to taste the tea on your tongue,

my index like velour on the curve of your ear,

and fingertips building (desire) with and within you,

you can close your eyes,

but I know that you see me,

feel me,

and the fire of my breath,

at the nape of your neck,

you cannot escape,

this seductive cape,

I love when you run,

I laugh when you hide,

like a child I can’t see,

but the wild part of me,

it knows who you are,

and feels you afar,

you want me to scar,

you want me to bite,

like ashes to fire,

the depth and the height,

and deep in your eyes,

the blue and the black,

as you realize,

relentless attack,

I linger on lips,

the tip of your nose,

I’m taking in sips,

removing your clothes,

we’ve come to the end,

and out of the woe,

no longer a friend,

the buck to the doe,

remembering still,

the day that we met,

voluptuous pill,

and you did I vet,

I want to go back,

I wish to see more,

it’s you that I lack,

now open the door,

I stand and I wait,

to pine and to dream,

I went through the hate,

am not what I seem,

I want you,

I love you,

I’ll keep you for good,

so look in my eyes,

and do what you should.


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