I miss the air,ne

I miss the way it was to have my fingers in your hair,

and the smooth and rumple skin; the derriere,

the way you leaned to kiss without a care,

but that’s all gone,

is it not?

we move along,

without a thought,

they say it’s over,

is it true?

I can’t say Rover,

without you,

and hearts they brake,

as torn in two,

what would it take,

to tear into?

if all of time should pass us by,

would we choose to live a lie?

if we had done it once or twice,

could we still claim to be but mice?

and then again I realize,

just when I’m looking in their eyes,

I had it all,

I held it once,

before the fall,

I knew my wants,

within the dream,

as it would seem,

I needed nothing,

but my queen.


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