I can’t feel and I can’t be the same,

when you look at I as if it’s me to blame,

It’s in your tears and in your hunger too,

within those fears and in that blurry foo,

up in that guy and in his scurry to,

If we could see, well then we’d make it true,

but everything is what it oughta be,

ain’t no tribe and no symphony,

there’s no vibe and where I’d rather be,

so hold me close and sing this song with me,

and in that draught is where the flow is seen,

for within these is lost the hidden scene,

I worry not for in this hole I dream,

for what was sought; you never had the cream.


It’s like someone took a catheter to my soul and drew out all the color,

replaced it with sand and charged me a dollar,

like having the hair,

every inch of my skin,

winced from off the brown into red,

only to find,

the salt and the lime,

I put on your drink,

are what you would use,

to rub and to treat,

to burn and to raze,

with steely blue gaze,

you cover wound,

but not with a gauze,

now bullets they graze,

when targets they miss,

but you could burn ice,

with only a kiss,

if only I’d seen,

the vice and the saws,

it wouldn’t amaze,

my heart like all this,

in all of my days,

with all of my flaws,

I guess I deserve,

to weep and to crawl,

but if you relent,

with everything spent,

though ever you stop,

the pain it will not,

remember this now,

considering how,

I’ll ever recover,

from such a good lover.


Its cool,

you do you and I’ma just be blue,

can’t take me to school,

nor see me without true,

talk about rubber and glue,

that nursery rhyme is soggy,

say that I have no clue,

respect me like your doggy,

better yet- kick me when I’m down,

bruising in my ribs,

pouring tears like a clown,

noone has these dibs,

save your words for the sinister,

all is lost when your loud,

preaching like a minister,

ears are deaf within the crowd,

crowded halls and little time,

is what I walk within my mind,

and you talk or you balk; it’s shame and such a crime,

take a minute to yourself; that’s the person you should find,

judge not,

and I take pains,

cold hot,

but never gains,



Hard to feel the motions when you’re so far away,

strange to show emotions by night or by day,

finger tips encumbered by the nets in the sky,

love and her devotions are the numb in my high,

grounded by a distance,

crowded in this instance,

scent of an ember,

cedar in the tinder,

aroma of a romance,

give me just this one dance,

and I see the tear on your cheek,

takes me in cause I’m so weak,

she’s a fracture in my spirit,

no I don’t want to hear it,

like a crush and vice,

still I wanna roll the dice,

can there be no compromise,

when I’m sleeping in your eyes,

if I’m drifting in the sea,

in this lurid atrophy,

will you carry me to shore,

resuscitate just once more,

will you be there when I wake?

tell me yes, for goodness sake.

vena cava

When you’re sad, I’m cleft in two,

when you’re blue, I’m cloven too,

as you’re heart is not at ease,

I am sundered at my knees,

with every tear you drop,

I watch my heartline tend to crop,

and on a dare,

a splitting hair,

I give to you my every care,

they call me fool for being nice,

but that’s the best of every vice,

to be so kind or ever true,

you’re on my mind; I dream of you,

and if you ever seek a day,

if on a beach or rainy may,

then find me crossing paths that way,

and play my name upon your tongue,

for sweeter song was never sung,

then hold my hand upon that shore,

and never want for any more,

if you ever seek for joy,

swear that I will not annoy,

but as you weep- I’m standing by,

silenced as the deep blue sky,

watching ever holding true,

blood that flows within me- you.


Raise your fist and bark out loud,

when you alight the burial shroud,

and you stay strong,

and carry on,

but no one seems to hear your song,

so what of you and things you need,

a pint of blood to feed your seed,

a quart of booze and still you lose,

can’t bury this you can not choose,

you gave your breast unto this strife,

born again into this life,

but this is you, and well I’m me,

I’ll carry you eternally,

don’t look left, I’m on your right,

to hold you tight, this darkest night.


Never loved me,
ever did you?didn’t hold me,
way I did you,
but everything within me,
was deep while thin,
a well born true,
now I try and call,
and dreams they fall,
and as I might,
well if I may,
I cannot of you yet dismay,
and hearts were broken,
lies unspoken,
but in this darkness you’re my token,
a way to love; a truth to bleed,
a horse I know I’ll never breathe,
but in that place,
that depth of heart,
abyssal space,
that finish start,
that northern sky,
a tearful eye,
I believe; regret remiss,
is a stye,
a liar’s kiss,
so without you,
I will do this,
and fade away,
to serpent hiss.